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​Harry took my maltese to feather and fur animal hospital at 5am when he was so ill. Amazing man who cares so much about my pets. Thank-you Harry!  Jane S.

Your pets thrive on routine, familiar surroundings, predictability and being on a schedule. Having them boarded or at a day care increases their stress, exposure to diseased and aggressive animals. Leaving your pets in the comfort of their home and knowing your property is secure assures peace of mind for both you and your pets!




​​​Meet Sir Calamari

Yep, it's true. I have an octopus and I travel for work. Owning an octopus and travel is challenging. But, not with Harry in the picture! He makes sure he's happy and it shows. 

​Great Pet Sitter! Robert V.

My life is dedicated to animal care and protection. I volunteer for animal welfare organizations. Non~Human Animals are just like us, only different! They are Angels in disguise, here to teach us Love, Compassion and mercy. This website is sponsored by Mercy for Animals. Proceeds benefit Animal Welfare Organizations. I offer compassionate companion & Hospice care for Humans & your pets end of life needs. I am a bereavement support counselor, bringing Light into the darkness...  

 "Those who have the privilege to know, have the duty to act"...Albert Einstein  


H​arry is the best!!!

​We've been using Harry and our dogs and hamsters love him. Now we can travel! 

#1 Dog Walker!-Tom & Tammy R

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